Renée Silverman Filmography

Feature Documentaries, News Reports and News Magazines - Producer

"A Class Apart: The Story of Mexican American Civil Rights" - PBS American Experience.
Historical Recreation Production Manager

"Woody Allen interview", 25 min. newsmagazine - ZDF

"Hilary Clinton Profile", feature doc - ARD

"Alaska’s Polar Bears and Global Warming", Weltspiegel Newsmagazine - ARD

"For the Love of Sports and Money: How Money Changes Sports", feature doc - ARD

"Glaciers and Permafrost and Global Warming", Weltspiegel - ARD

"Fundamentalism in America (Pastor John Hagee segment)", feature doc - ARD

"A Very Social History of New York's Plaza Hotel: Great Hotels of the World Series", feature doc - ARD

"Prosthetic Technology", newsmagazine - Focus TV* best short form producer-New York Festival of Festivals

"US Soldier's Speak out Against Iraq War in Fort Bragg Tattoo Parlor", lead prime-time news report

"CIA charged with Torture and Rendition of British Subject(Boston-London-Egypt)", Weltspiegel- ARD 

"Holocaust Slave Labor Class Action Lawsuits against Germany" - multiple news programs - ARD

"The Grace Kelly Story (New York)", feature doc - ZDF

"The Greatest Show – 2004 Presidential Conventions", feature doc - ZDF

"The Making of the 'Eruv - How an Orthodox Jewish Tradition reshapes a Neighborhood' ", short doc - Berlin Film Festival

"US Media and the War in Iraq", feature doc - ZDF

"From Zero to 24k: Training for the New York Marathon(New York Producer)", 3 Part Series - ARD

"High Speed Society – New York", feature doc - ARD

"Creationism vs. Evolution Debate (Dover, PA)" - Weltspiegel, ARD

"Gun Control Class Action Law Suit", multiple news programs - ARD

"New York City Subway 100th Anniversary", news report - ZDF

"Statue of Liberty 100th Anniversary", news report - ZDF

"Fragile Balance", The Maternity Ward Series", feature doc- TLC

"CUNY - Teachers Academy", short doc - CUNYwebsite

"Tony Bennett and Kevin Spacey at the Frank Sinatra Performing Arts High School" - AARP

"Iraq War Resisters", feature doc - ARD

"Dior Fashion Show - Red Carpet Interview with Charlene Theron", news report - Fashion TV

"New York Fire Department", feature doc - ARD

"9-11- One Year Later - Interviews with Family Members", ZDF

"9-11 - The Trauma at Borough of Manhattan Community College" - ARD

"9-11 - Native American Steelworkers who built the Towers, now Dismantle Them" - ARD

"The Carlyle Report: Former Presidents and their Advisors and their Business Deals" - ZDF

"Gangs of Newark", newsmagazine - Focus TV

"Crack in New York", newsmagazine - Focus TV

"New Technologies and the Future of Police Detective Work" - newsmagazine - Focus TV

"United Nations stake-out interviews" include former UN General Secretary Kofi Annan; Former Secretary of State, Madelene Albright; German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder; German Secretary of State Joshka Fischer among others for dozens of reports  - ARD and ZDF

"Sleepy Hollow Press Junket" - interviews with Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Cristina Ricci among others - ARD

"Antz Press Junket" - interviews with Jennifer Lopez, Danny Glover, Gene Hackman among others - ARD

"The Detroit Auto Show", multiple news programs - ARD

"West Virginia Hurricane", multiple news programs- ARD

Fiction Films

"Other Islands", 16mm short. Writer/Director/Producer

Distributed by Forefront Films

Winner- Best Short Film - Long Island Film Festival

International Festival of Women Film, Minsk, Belarus

Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema

Cinesisters Film Festival of Germany among others

broadcast TV1 - Sweden, Denmark, Norway Television among others

"Deep Water", 16mm short. Writer/Director/Producer

Distributed by Forefront Films

Best Short finalist at USA Film Festival

Long Island Film Festival

Austin Film Festival among others

"Mosquito on Coney Island", super 8mm short. Director/Producer

"Reunion", feature film. Director: Jerry Schatzberg, Writer: Harold Pinter. Assistant to the Director

"The Sticky Fingers of Time", feature film. Director: Hilary Brougher. Produced by Good Machine. Script Supervisor

"Bloodhounds of Broadway", feature film. Madonna, Matt Dillon, Randy Quaid among others. Production Assistant

Feature Documentaries- Associate Producer

"Rocket Science at NASA", Nippon TV-Alternate Current TV

"The Business of Biotechnology", Nippon TV-Alternate Current TV

"Parapsychology", Nippon TV-Alternate Current TV

"Deadly Force: The Miami Swat Team", Channel Four UK

"Fallen Angel: The Rise and Fall of Michael Milken", Channel Four UK