Refugee Kids:
One Small School Takes on the World

Group Shot

REFUGEE KIDS: ONE SMALL SCHOOL TAKES ON THE WORLD follows children from global hot spots who attend the International Rescue Committee's summer school in preparation for making new lives in America.


REFUGEE KIDS: One Small School Takes on the World is an hour-long documentary that that follows newly arrived students at the International Rescue Committee's intense, New York-based academic and cultural "boot camp" for children seeking asylum from the world's most volatile conflicts. The film presents an intimate, emotionally gripping account of the students' stories of escaping war and conflict and resettling in America, chronicling their triumphs and setbacks as their lives unfold over the course of one formative summer.


REFUGEE SUMMER SCHOOL will humanize complex geopolitics and depict the challenges and urgency of immigration to America in an increasingly dangerous  and inter-connected  world. The program will explore the 21st century version of the classic American story  the promise of freedom, and the struggle to make ones way in a new land. "Refugee Summer School" will also address the issues of immigration, education, international politics, and the lives of children.