The following is a translation of the German:

(Mother and baby on sofa in a church) "I'm trying to teaching him the truth about how God created this world not the lies and right now what is being taught in the schools are the lies."

(Over shots of Yvette Sproull's kitchen classroom) Narrator:  Because they mistrust the public schools, many fundamentalist Christians in Dover, Pennsylvania homeschool their children. We were able to witness this unusual biology lesson: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Can you repeat that, asks his mother. " All the animals of the world were created on one day. God said, "Let the land produce animals and it was so."

 Narrator: The Christian fundamentalists want this lesson taught in science classrooms across the country = that God created the world in six days. The first chapter of Genesis is for these Christians, a precise, scientific description of the beginning of life on earth.  "Do you believe everything you're hearing?" asked the mother. The answer is clear. Millions of Christian children in the US are educated in this way. 

 Yvette, "It used to be that creationism was the major teaching in school. It was taught in the schools until evolution pushed it away. Now that we're not teaching intelligent design, the world has changed."

 (Over Christian World History timeline) Narrator: "World history for the Christians is relatively short - just a few thousand years for God to create the earth and people."

 (The biologist) - The claim that the earth is geologically young is nonsense. It only works when you read it as an all powerful creator who is determined to fool us about the age of the earth and put misleading evidence in the rocks that make up the planet

 (Over shots of the Dover School Board Meeting) Narrator: "Here is the school board of Dover, Pennsylvania. These board members have had only single decision that has made them known through out the land. They want Dover schools to include intelligent design as part of the biology curriculum even though they are bound by the same laws separating church and state as the rest of America.

 (Woman in yellow) "I agree with intelligent design. I think they should learn both and let the students decide for themselves."

 (Man with glasses) "If they want to teach intelligent design it should be in the religion classroom. That is nothing for the biology classroom. It belongs in the proper place in the proper perspective."

 (Woman in blue top) "I am not against creationism. I am against it in the biology classroom. It doesn't belong there. They want in this way to put religion in schools and in this way, it is discrediting Dover."

 In 2005, the US District Court ruled that intelligent design is not science and is essentially religious in nature and the board's requirement endorsing intelligent design as an alternative to evolution in science classes was unconstitutional on the grounds that its inclusion violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

 That same year, eight of the nine members of the Dover school board were voted out of office and replaced with candidates who opposed the previous board's decision to introduce intelligent design and lay doubts on evolution.